Fed up with your repair shop?

Due to cheap parts and service?

All shops that are on this website are supplied by us. They have the highest quality iphone screens and we stand behind our unmatched warranty.

A New After Market Screen (S+ Quality) that Mimics original OEM without OEM Price tag.

No this is no gimmick to get you to buy the services and then come up with an excuse to not replace it. Your Warranty is very real and all of our Repair centers provide the same warranty. Check our FAQ for more details.

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Attention all Repair Shops! for the next few weeks DesignPros.App has agreed to offer a special package to all those that buy iPhone Screens.

We know how important is to look and feel professional. Sign up and join us to take advantage of our high-quality screens and the highly skilled graphic designers that will work on your website, logo, Facebook, and Instagram.

All we ask is to buy a steady flow of 20 screens per week or you can pay part for the services if you don’t reach your goal.

We pay Google ads to promote and find you clients.  We started this movement due to that many want to buy quality screens but the market is flooded with very low and dangerous quality that makes it difficult to find a good supplying source.

Gold Plan

$1,438.40 or 80 Screens a Month

  1. Real e-commerce website when you sign up with us.
  2. Redesign of your logo if you choose to.
  3. A business card design.
  4. We teach you how to add your own products to your store.
  5. We add a Facebook Messenger chat on your website
  6. Booking App so clients can make online appointments.
  7. Instagram page as a gallery so you can keep your customers updated all the time!
If your a shop that cares about the quality you offer to your client contact us down below.

Website is still being build. More Shops coming soon!